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Genesis grapples are designed for maximum processing, strength and durability. Our scrap grapple and skid steer attachments are designed with unique features for maximum performance in scrap recycling and demolition applications.

Shears from Genesis are designed for maximum power and performance. Choose from models such as the GXT Mobile Shear, the Versi Pro 07 or 15 with Shear Jaw, and the LXP® with Shear Jaw. With demolition shears and scrap shears that fit a wide range of excavators, Genesis has the models that fit your fleet.

Mobile Shear

  • Bolt-on piercing tip encapsulates front of upper jaw, minimizing risk of damage while reducing welding build-up and downtime
  • Weld-on, replaceable, highly abrasion-resistant steel rhino horn protects the front and top of the upper jaw, reducing maintenance and the need for build-up
  • Short primary cutting blades position the apex closer to the rear of the jaws and draw material further into the jaws where higher force makes efficient cuts
  • Dual guide blade length matches piercing tip length enabling blades to be shimmed independently to accommodate piercing tip wear

Severe Duty Grapples

The Genesis Severe-Duty Grapple, is designed for maximum strength and durability. It utilizes fully-boxed tine construction with an internal steel framework to withstand the full breakout force of an excavator on a single tine. The GSD also features:

  • High-strength steel tines for maximum load capacity
  • Weld-in, replaceable, abrasion-resistant tine tips
  • Revolving, oversized bearings and heavy-duty mounting lugs for maximum bearing life
  • Even stress-load distribution
  • Quick couplers to simplify attachment changes, maximizing excavator versatility and jobsite productivity
  • Stiff arm and mounting pad included

Scrap Grapples

The Genesis scrap grapple is a low-maintenance, high-capacity orange peel grapple designed for high volume scrap yard processing. Available in 10 models, the GSG features:

  • A heavy-duty guarding system that completely protects cylinders and internal components yet is easily removed for maintenance
  • Identical hardened steel bearings with dust seals at all pivot points that protect against external debris
  • Large bore hydraulic cylinders for maximum clamping force
  • High-torque continuous 360-degree rotation
  • Abrasion-resistant steel tips that are easily replaced with a simple perimeter weld

Skid Steer Grapples

A skid steer grapple, such as the Versi Pro 07 with Grapple Jaw from Genesis, enables contractors in a broad range of applications to get bigger results from their skid steers and mini-excavators. This excavator grapple is designed for use on 65 to 80 Hp skid steers, 10,000 lb. to 15,000 lb. mini-excavators and 28,000 lb. minimum compact excavators. The GVP 07 with Grapple Jaw can be used for jobs such as:

  • Interior Demolition
  • Scrap Processing
  • Barrel Handling
  • Land Clearing
  • On-site Material Processing and Handling