New & Used Baldor Magnet Generators | San Antonio Dallas Houston

Baldor Lifting Magnet Generators provide power for lifting electro-magnets used in scrap and bulk metal handling facilities. Horizontal motors may be belted from the diesel engine or the motors with C-faces may be coupled to the PTO drive of the crane. Standard DC generators are available through 2200kW and are offered with a variety of voltage choices

5-40KW 230V DC

Baldor now offers over 75 years of Industrial Motor knowledge in a product designed with heavy-duty construction for Lifting Magnet applications.

  • Extra Heavy Steel Frame with Cast Iron Endplates
  • Class H Insulation - Class F Rise
  • Precision Brush Holders and Constant Force Brush Springs
  • Double Seal Ball Bearings
  • 2 pole - Compound Wound with Drooping Voltage Characteristics
  • 1.0 Service Factor
  • Drip Proof Fully Guarded Enclosure with Weather Resistant Paint
  • F-2 Conduit Box Location